The underground has to be firm and flat. Maximum height difference of 25 cm on 30m (< 1,25 %) possible, well accessible with our truck and trailer ( L x B: 18 x 2m50, H: 4m) and the building place  big enough to place the Magic Mirrors itself!

All Magic Mirrors are assembled and dismantled by hand. Everything will be carefully discharged from the truck one piece after the other to be build immediately. It is not  possible to use a forklift to uncharge the pieces because they are too fragile and too precious.

A Magic Mirrors stands entirely on itself and mustn’t be linked by ropes. Only during assembling and dismantling, a central pole has to be held in position using ropes.

To hold the central pole on it’s place, we must perforate the ground to place the pins. If this is not possible (base of concrete or stone), the tenant has to provide 4 other anchor points for the ropes such as a car or palettes with a minimum of 500kg/piece. This only for +/- 4 hours during the assembling or dismantling, afterwards the Magic Mirrors can stand on its own.

Please foresee light so we can work further in obscurity if need it. Because of the labour by hand, the truck and trailer have to stand on a distance of maximum 5 m from the Magic Mirrors during the assembling and dismantling.


A bar furniture, a stage, boots (bench + table), a pay-desk counter, a wooden floor, pipes to attach light and sound equipment, basic lights around the dance floor and above the bar and emergency lights.

A Magic Mirrors is not equipped with extra tables, chairs, a sink, refrigerators, light and sound equipment, an electricity case, fire extinguishers, heating or air-conditioning

A Magic Mirrors is provided with fireproof sails and velvet, both M safety standard. The wood has been treated with a fireproof varnish and emergency lights and emergency doors are present. Differences in height have been indicated with white strips. Because of the fact that safety rules are different in each city, the lessee has to provide the fire extinguishers.

German approval of TÜV (Baubuch)

French approval of BVCTS (Régistre de Sécurité)

It is not allowed to screw, to drill, to saw, to staple, … in or to the tent. If you have to attach something, please use removable tape which you also remove after use .Make sure that you remove all tape afterwards! It is strictly forbidden to tape something on the façade; this is painted and the tape will remove the paint.

Magic Mirrors Inc. delivers a clean tent, we like to recover a clean tent!

A Magic Mirrors has a standard number of pipes (5 cm diameter) to hang light and sound systems. However, not more than 70 kilogram’s/pipe!

Magic Mirrors Inc. developed with Cat Rental Power an air-conditioning system adapted to the Magic Mirrors. For more information about this, please get in touch with Energyst – Cat Rental Power : Tel. +31 497 532 500 or visit their site http://www.energyst.com/energyst

Yes, It is possible to hang a trapeze in the top of the Magic Mirrors. Simple trapeze numbers are possible then. However, pay attention to the fact that this is on your own responsibility. We advise you to charge the trapeze with no more than 250 kilogram’s.